Recreate your Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Bedroom with Herringbone Tiles

If any of the above rooms in your house are too austere for your liking, you may want to explore the herringbone tiles. Herringbone tiles can stand alone in the typical pattern and be diversified into many similar types with stunning looks. Recreating your home interior will not be incomplete, except considering how herringbone tiles can help you. Although it was once not a typical tile laying pattern, it has become the most popular.

Recreate your Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Bedroom with Herringbone Tiles

The name, herringbone tiles pattern, came from a special fishbone called the herring. Laying these tiles in an adjusted way is also achievable when you take the cross-braid laying pattern. Herringbone is stunning in suitably large rooms like your living room and bedroom. 

It combines the rustic traditional look with the modern contemporary feel. Moreover, adding different colors in the arrangement promotes a stone look, making the room more lovely. Arranging wood in the herringbone pattern also looks very natural and appealing, an ideal choice by professional interior decorators. 

Where to get the suitable Herringbone tiles in Sydney Australia

Seeking herringbone floor tiles in Australia is no small job for high quality. Of course, the old testing method gives you the right place to start; you can trust your instincts that cheaper and low-quality ones are also in the market. Therefore, we are committed to always bringing you some of the best herringbone tiles as a fair piece of your price-performance ratio. 

Herringbone tiles can play up your game with your existing pattern without comprising the element or metal backing. Herringbone tiles are fascinating in look and design, but there are also very pocket-friendly.

Some of the core reasons why you should buy herringbone tiles from us

  • Herringbone tiles do not absorb water and are also both stain and corrosion resistant
  • They are durable, versatile, water-resistant, and can serve for a long time to come
  • They come in a variety of colors, textures, styles, and patterns that fill the market
  • The best quality herringbone tiles are made from glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone Mosaic and marble materials. 
  • Herringbone tiles from our store come at a very affordable price, with the quickest delivery and a 24/7 online service to further meet your needs.
Recreate your Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Bedroom with Herringbone Tiles

Best Ideas for Herringbone Floor tiles

The herringbone tiles used for the floor of homes and offices match both the traditional and the modern style. Perhaps, this reason is responsible for many people finding it easy to pick them up from any part of the home. You can use them in the dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bar. 

It also enhances your chances of creating a unique atmosphere with a magical feel and depth. It also looks like what can work for galleries, catering centers, restaurants, commercial areas. Are there special formats that one can combine to create a special offer with herringbone tiles? Below are some of the ideas that our experts compiled for working on herringbone tiles. 

  • Using the herringbone floor tiles on your floor, its color palette brings in a flexible adventure with different styles. So, you can pick colors from the palette: sky blue, gorgeous deep blue, or elegant black. But what is obtainable is often reconciled with many other interior elements.
  • Herringbone tiles are a perfect choice of creative designs. The tiles alone have not less than 6 variants of laying them, and each has its own peculiarity and application. The herringbone tiles simply show an exceptional pattern for a great look.
  • When you combine herringbone floor tiles with hexagon tiles, you get a unique floor design. And the way they can connect with hexagon tiles, they can also integrate with other shapes and styles of home flooring tiles.
  • Home interior designers can also create a spectacular effect by alternating the herringbone tiles with matt and glossy components. You can also explore the diversity of different colors when laying these tiles to get more unique options. 

How to Install Herringbone Floor Tiles in Australia

There are several procedures to take when laying herringbone tiles in different stages. We shall take this staged approach to describe what expectations are there and the best results obtained in what directions.

Preparations and preliminary considerations for laying herringbone tiles

  • Laying herringbone tiles is similar to the effect and challenges you face when applying the cross structure. So, this preparation for these patterns requires similar manual skills. There can be joint considerations that are very useful if one records success. 
  • The technology involved in the preparations can also allow for the creation og multiple grout joints within the system. Therefore, in executing projects that include using herringbone tiles, you should plan for sufficient time from the outset. In addition, there should also be enough joint material available for the project. And in the case of unique shapes during installation, try to use a tile cutter to trim in the individual elements that may not readily fit in. 
Recreate your Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Bedroom with Herringbone Tiles

Place herringbone tiles in the correct manner

We have come to the crux of the matter: laying out the herringbone tiles in the manner that produces the desired results. Laying herringbone floor tiles have two common variants, which most designers employ. The first one has a 0-degree offset during installation. As a result, the herringbone braids appear parallel with the two opposite walls.

The other one is at a 45-degree installation. Each herringbone tile runs at a diagonal angle to the other throughout the room. When laying with the second variant, which is diagonal, you need to begin the laying process from a corner. Below are steps to follow

  • Ensure the surface is evenly laid and smooth. If not, adjust any wrong one or replace it if need be.
  • Choose the right starting point according to one of the two variants that we mentioned above
  • Draw an orientation line on the floor before you start laying your tiles at all
  • Create the next tile position on the first tile at a right angle
  • After laying the first two tiles correctly, continuing the arrangement becomes much more accessible by repeating the procedure.
  • Use a tile adhesive to tap in the individual tiles to not change position before you finish the laying. after applying the adhesive to keep them in place, you can use the rubber hammer to make them stick
  • Cut and insert the rise pieces with the perfect shapes to complete the end and have a straight line that aligns with the wall
  • Grout each tile according to the herringbone tile pattern layout and allow the whole system to dry.