Want To Lose 7 Kg. Fast? Try The Amazing Cucumber Diet !

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Cucumbers are definitely one of the most popular vegetables in the world. They contain a variety of essential vitamins and minerals and have a high percentage of water as well, which makes them so refreshing in the summer. The high vitamin B, C and E content as well as the fiber and iron makes cucumbers one of the healthiest vegetable in our diet.

Besides the ability to improve our overall health, cucumbers can also promote weight loss. Take the cucumber diet we have for you today – it has been confirmed as effective by many people who have tried it, and can help you lose up to 7 kg. per week! As the name suggests, it’s based on cucumbers, which are present in any meal during the day. There’s also a cucumber salad and shake which you’ll definitely fall in love with once you try them.

Here’s the diet plan:


2 boiled eggs

Cucumber salad


1 apple, 1 peach or a handful of plums


Cucumber salad and a piece of toast

Here’s how to prepare the cucumber salad:


400 gr. cucumber (chopped)

1 onion

200 ml. yogurt or sour cream

A pinch of sea salt


Peel and cut the cucumber and onion, then sprinkle some salt and mix well. Add the sour cream in the end, stir everything well and serve and enjoy this amazing salad.


For snacks, you can have a cucumber shake – it’s very easy to prepare and very delicious as well. Here’s what you need to do:


1 apple and cucumber each

A handful of spinach



Wash all the ingredients well and peel them, then simply put everything in a blender and turn it on. Drink the smoothie fresh and it’ll keep your cravings at bay.


For dinner, we suggest eating 300 gr. of any fruit you like, or the same amount of fruit salad.

As you can see, the diet is pretty easy to follow. Stick to it for a week and exercise regularly at the same time, and you may lose up to 7 kg.! Even if you don’t aim for that high, you’ll still lose a kilogram or two. You can repeat the diet as many times as you like, but take a week break in between.

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