Monstrous Mosquitoes Three Times Bigger Than Normal Overtake North Carolina

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Invasive swarms of incredibly large mosquitoes are now covering North Carolina, in the wake of Hurricane Florence. The species known as Psorophora Ciliata, referred to as “Gallnippers,” are known to be three times the size of normal mosquitoes.One witness to this, Cassie Vadovsky reported that she arrived home after picking up her 4 year old daughter from school recently to be greeted by a swarm of these parasitic, blood sucking insects.

They were described and monstrous and aggressive, with stripes on their legs that gave off a more than menacing appearance. Vadovsky’s shocking video of this can be found below.“It was like a flurry — like it was snowing mosquitos,” the stay-at-home mother said. “I think my car agitated them. I waited for them to calm down before I grabbed the kids and the ran into the house.”

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