Man Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because of Doing This At Night

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Recently a man aged 40 was diagnosed with pink eye and eye cancer.Research has shown that the green LED light from the screen of your mobile is detrimental to your retinal cells and can destroy these cells and gravely impair your vision especially when the mobile phone is used under dim light for an extended period of time.It is widely believed that when electron beams are aimed directly on the human eye it can cause the eyes to be dry and can even lead to eye cancer and blindness.

The victim when to see his doctor because his albumen was red and he could not see clearly.It was gathered that he usually used his mobile phone for an estimated period not less than half an hour before retiring to bed.This led to a degradation of his macular eye and impaired his vision which are all symptoms of eye cancer.What is sad about his case is that the damage is irreparable with modern medication and treatment.The damage caused is permanent for this hapless man, though it is believed that some of his vision may return gradually provided he avoids staring at the screen of his phone, TV or computer monitor for long and especially under dim light.

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