Male Sex Robots With ‘Bionic Penises’ Could Replace Men For Good

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Could male sex robots really replace men entirely in a relationship?

These human replica “love dolls” have gathered a lot of interest in recent years.

More recently, however, it’s the male sex robots variety that is gaining increasing interest from women.

One company that produces these practical love dolls is called “RealDoll.”

Male sex robots

RealDoll says they recently started producing male sex robots due to “overwhelming demand” from women for bionic men versions of their hugely popular female sex dolls.

The company stresses that unlike their human competitors, these male sex robots never get too drunk, fall asleep, or lack stamina.

Women, or men, can use their robotic boyfriends as much as they like, provided their battery is fully charged, however…

Using the modern tools, the developers of the male sex robots chose to make them as real as your living partner.

They are even programmed to react to spoken communication as part of a system called an “ultimate satisfaction experience.”

Unbelievable, but real!

However, where will all of this technology eventually lead?

The replacement of the real guys will be so extreme that you, in reality, may lose the desire for them.

The current technology has made us introverts and the concern is; do we require another ‘toy’ to lead us to a total isolation?

Male Sex Robots With ‘Bionic Penises’ Could Replace Men For Good

Describing their ability to improve a discussion, the developers say the male love dolls are expected to become sweethearts to numerous females worldwide.

They will even be programmed with their own “back stories.”

Females won’t have to make effort into fooling the male love dolls to like them.

They will have their requirements satisfied as specified, whenever they want.

Do these dolls capture your eye?

Disturbing fact about sex dolls

The Atlantic just published a deep-dive into the world of sex dolls, and their discoveries are as interesting as they are worrying.

Here are nine wild realities about sex robots that we learned from the totally-worth-a-read post:

Male Sex Robots With ‘Bionic Penises’ Could Replace Men For Good

1. There is a man in Michigan who is married to a sex doll.

“Davecat” is not lawfully wed to his sex doll, but he sees her as his wife.

You might acknowledge him from TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

He also owns two other dolls that he thinks about “buddies.”

They each have Twitter accounts.

2. In Japan, they sometimes call sex dolls “Dutch better halves.”

Since some of the very first sex dolls were developed by Dutch sailors who were on the open sea for months and needed … assistance.

So they fashioned cloth puppets that the French described as “dame de trip” and Spanish sailors called “dama de viaje.”

In both instances, it approximately translates to “dick puppet” “lady travel.”

Dutch sailors made them out of leather and then traded them to the Japanese, who still use the unusual term to this day.

4. Barbie was based upon a sex doll.

In the 1950s the Bild Lilli doll was released in Germany, a small doll based upon an attractive German actress that was created for adult men.

She did not have, um, holes, but she was sexual.

Supposedly, this is how Barbie was motivated, so that’s weird.

5. Sex dolls weigh a lot.

Artificial sex dolls can weigh as much as 115 pounds and begin at around 75.

The article mentions this is one reason, maybe, not as many women use sex dolls.

6. The RealDoll Company manufactures male sex robots with bionic penises.

They only account for 10 percent of sales and there are fewer choices in general (female RealDolls can be completely customized).

7. People who are extremely into RealDolls are called “iDollators.”

There’s an entire fandom around the dolls, with some guys treating them as genuine buddies.

The majority of these guys state they ended up being iDollators since they discover females too difficult to handle.

Davecat discusses:

“Ninety-eight percent of the iDollators and technosexuals I know treat their Dolls like goddesses.

“Dolls don’t have any of the unpleasant qualities that organic, flesh and blood people have.

“An artificial will never lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable.”

All righty then.

8. The inventor of the Fleshlight as soon as attempted to patent a sex doll.

He sent a patent method back in 1995 for a mannequin filled with an “oily elastomer.”

If that doesn’t get you in the mood, I do not know what does.

9. Howard Stern is practically solely accountable for the appeal of the contemporary sex doll.

In the ’90s, he purchased a RealDoll for his program and obviously had sex with it on air.

Orders for the doll skyrocketed, and the business now offers as many as 300 every year (they start at around $5,500 each).


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