All About Sexual Reflexology Techniques!!!

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If you have a partner who like to receive massage and be touched, sexual reflexology techniques will be great and very relaxing. Sexual reflexology techniques are amazing to relax your partner and put him intothe mood.Sexual reflexology techniques are applied on the face and ears. The person who receive this reflexology techniques should stay very comfortable. If stays on a chair, should have the head and the shoulders very relaxed, and you should stay behind your patient. If is lying down, also stay behind your patient. For a more relaxing experience, you can use lots of pillows.

A sexual reflexology session it takes around 10-15 minutes. Use the face reflexology chart to identify the point you should massage. Because this session os reflexology is only about sexual relaxation and you don’t treat any pain, it is recommended to massage a little bit all the point from this chart. In this way, you will activate the energy points, you will improve blood circulation, and you will make that person to feel better and relaxed.

After you finished the reflexology in the face, move to the ear. Use your both hands, one hand per ear. Start to gently rub the lobes of the ears on both sides, using the thumb and the index finger. Using circular moves, move your fingers in the back on your neck and then come back on the lobes. Repeat this move several times.

Move up to the ear and start to massage it. Keep the thumb behind the ear and the other finger inside the groove of the ear and continue to rub. Sometimes, can be uncomfortable to rub the the curve inside of the ear: so be careful and use soft moves.

Rub the top of the ear and then rub the whole line from the top of the ear to the bottom of the ear.

After you finished the reflexology on the ear, start to massage the top of the neck, under the hair line. This is the best sexual reflexology technique you can ever use! The result will be amazing: your partner will be relaxed and excited. 

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