5 Beauty Techniques from Around the World

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Women from all over the world have discovered a lot of amazing tricks and each culture offers something original. How do they do it? Put down your passport – you won’t need to go anywhere to find out. Today, let’s look at some amazing beauty tips, tricks and secrets that women around the world successfully use to help them stay gorgeous. Read on to find out!

1. Spain

We’re sure many of you have to deal with dark circles under your eyes. If you’re one of those people who have the circles as their constant problem, you have surely tried a lot of different remedies. But the ladies of Spain have a very efficient cure for this problem: they use thin potato slices. Applied over your eyes for about ten minutes, by lightening your skin, they’ll get rid of the boring under eye circles.

2. Brazil 

Brazilian women tan with carrot juice. So if you want some dashing Brazilian glow. you should know that drinking raw, unprocessed carrot juice will give you a natural glowing tan. Actually, it can even clear acne. It’s all because of the Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene – an amazing anti-aging nutrient that causes the skin to appear a golden, slightly orange color, just like a tan will. Just 4 ounces of carrot juice once a day will do the trick.

3. Israel

Many dermatologists from Israel strongly believe in the healing powers of sea salt. Swimming in the Dead Sea is extremely beneficial, especially because it not only helps your body rid itself of toxins, but it has also been known to help cure skin diseases. Get the detoxifying benefits of sea salt at home by mixing together ¼ cup sea salt, 1 pinch seaweed powder, ½ cup massage oil and 10 to 15 drops lavender oil. Apply to skin to gently exfoliate.

4. Argentina

Let’s be real, every one of us at least once in their life wished to have a beautiful long hair. The women in Argentina associate long hair with sensuality and glamour. In this country it’s all about the length! So the Argentinians developed different natural ways to keep their hair long and healthy. The most common way is using aloe vera to help keep long strands in shape. Just apply aloe vera directly to your scalp or add it to your usual shampoo, be patient and admire the results.

5. China

Fighting the signs of age is a tough battle. The women all over the world seek for ways to delay it as much as possible. Therefore, they spend a bunch of money on botox, collagen, and things like that. But the Chinese women know an easier and cheaper way – they drink white tea. The antioxidant potential of the white tea helps protect the skin not only from aging, but also from skin cancer and uneven pigmentation. So drink a cup of white tea a day to keep the wrinkles away!

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