10 Best Ways to Lose Ten Pounds In a Week

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Losing weight isn’t an easy task at all, especially if you like to shred some pounds in a few days. Still, there are some effective strategies that can help you lose weight quickly, but you need to be highly determinate to achieve your goal.Here are the best effective ways you should follow strictly in your everyday regime if you like to lose up to 10 pounds in one week.

1. Burn 5000 Calories More Than You Take In

If you like to lose up to 10 pounds in a week, you have to burn 5000 more calories than you take in per day. An average person burns around 2000 calories while doing normal everyday activities. This means that if you take in exactly 2000 calories per day, you weight body will remain the same. To burn those 3000 extra calories, just change your lifestyle activities. For example instead of driving, start to walk, instead of using the elevator, take the stairs.

2. Cut the Carbohydrates from Your Diet

Refined carbs do not do any good to your body. Even, they are easily absorbed by your body; they do not provide any nutrition. It’s simple, just stay away from simple carbs like cookies, cakes, candies, honey and other baked sweets, and packaged cereals.

3. Include Lean Proteins In Your Diet Balanced Diet

Eating more foods that contain lean proteins, such as lean beef, chicken breasts, salmon and eggs will keep you from overeating and make you feel full for longer. If you are vegetarian, try soy products like edamame or tofu, low fat yogurt, peanut butter, nuts and beans. They are great sources of lean proteins.

4. Eat Smaller Portions

Did you know that reducing the meal size portions by 20% can lead to quick weight loss? Well, by using eating smaller portions of food but frequently, will not only keep you full, but also boost your metabolism, thus leading to weight loss.

5. Avoid Liquid Calories

To achieve your goal and lose weight quickly, you definitely have to control the daily intake of liquid calories. This means that, you need to stay away from consuming processed fruit juices, energy drinks and aerated drinks that load your body with about a third of your entire calories for the day. Simply, swap these drinks with water, citrus juices, 100% percent fruit juices or vegetable juices. You should definitely avoid alcohol beverages, if you like to save some calories and lose weight.

6. Do Cardio

Doing cardio for about 3-4 times a week will help you burn more calories. Cardio consists of aerobic exercises that involves repetitive movements that can help you increase blood circulation and blood flow throughout the body. Covering duration of 15-20 minutes, it helps maintain 60-80% of your maximum heart rate.

7. Walking

Walking is also important as cardio. Start walking every day to burn extra calories. Make walking a part of your fitness regime. You can also use a pedometer to keep track of the number of steps you take during the day to find out the exact number of calories you’ve burnt.

8. Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are great bodyweight exercises for losing weight. These exercises such as bench press, squats, clean and press, performed below navel work out your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus, which are the three largest muscle groups in your body. They create minor afterburn tears in the muscle fibres, causing a large burn in calories post workout as a lot of energy is required to repair those tears.

9. Cross Training

Cross training is another effective way to work out your body muscles and burn those extra calories. This training includes different endurance, strength and aerobic exercises that work out different parts of your body and help you lose weight.

10. Good Night Sleep

At last, but not least, a good quality sleep helps you lose weight through two processes, namely respiration when you exhale and transpiration through your skin, also called sweating. All these factors contribute to weight loss.

All these factors influence to your weight loss. Stick to your diet, hydration, fitness and sleep routines and you will lose 10 pounds easily.

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