Could Fukushima Be The Wormwood Of Biblical Fame?

Radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan keeps pouring into the Pacific ocean and killing wildlife.The media either does not report the gravity of the worst disaster in human history, or chooses to play it down. It is not surprising that the corporations responsible for the disaster are closely linked with the media companies, defence contractors, pharmaceutical companies, big oil and big surveillance industrial complex; not to mention the real big bankers who help finance these disastrous projects with the help of their sub-servant politicians who rely on them for their campaign donations.

The destroyers of life and its sanctity could be the above corporations and their colleagues who expect humanity to surrender and be mesmerised by their arrogance, wickedness, stupidity and selfishness while they carry the day with their apocalypse inducing, end of days, anti-human, hocus pocus, trivial propaganda nonsense. All for the sake of a quick buck, while feeding the public austerity, disinformation, disease and death.The Pacific has survived many natural events like earthquakes and asteroids. It is dying now because of TEPCO and General Electric. The end of days is real for the billions of sea creatures washing up dead around the Pacific. The Cores of the Nuclear power plants that were damaged during the 2011 Tsunami/Eartquake are yet to be accounted for…Watch more below and click in the link!!!

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