Pedophile Who Impregnated 10-Yr-Old Girl Sentenced To 160 Yrs in Prison

A 34-year-old pedophile who impregnated his girlfriend’s 10-year-old daughter after raping her repeatedly has been sentenced to 160 years in prison.

Nicholas Deon Thrash of Marion, Indianapolis was found guilty of 10 counts of molestation against his girlfriend’s daughter in August this year.

The mother is also facing charges for attempting to cover up her pedophile boyfriend’s crimes by allegedly telling her daughter to lie and say a 10-year-old classmate had impregnated her.

The name of the mother has not been published in order to protect the identity of her daughter.

The child was 10 and is now 12. She gave birth to a baby boy in September 2017.

Daily Mail reports:

Thrash lied throughout his trial and claimed that he did not impregnate the 10-year-old, even going as far as stating that her mother artificially inseminated her own daughter with his sperm in order to frame him.

He was arrested after another member of the family discovered that the very young girl was five months pregnant.

Earlier this year, during his trial, the rapist had to be removed from court after shouting lies about the victim to the jury.

At one stage, the girl testified against him.

She clutched a stuffed animal to her chest as she told the jury how he had attacked her at least 15 times.

The girl’s mother is yet to appear in court. She has been charged with neglect and attempting to cover up the crimes of her boyfriend.

It remains unclear if she knew the abuse was happening at the time or if she only discovered it when she found out her daughter was pregnant.

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